A new tide rolls in beginning 6-6-19

THIS is the zero point of creation; a storm that has been brewing inside for decades now meets it’s release into unbounded form.

Evolution is years in the making, and only takes a moment in time to come to fruition.

This is the official launch of my inner wisdom, and will be a work in progress. But it’s birth time, is now. It is auspicious.

What’s on the table?

-Will be using this forum to set up consultations for astrological readings, and gearing towards teaching modalities

-Short stories

-Various interpretations of events

My naturally quick witted bursts of hilarity (i think so)

Astrological interpretations tailored to situations, using elements of numerology, harmonics, human design, Ptolemaic terms, asteroids (also used to rectify times in charts) north node projection, shamanic interpretation and past life intuitive connections.

Your power lies in your natal chart, it is your map. It is not predictive. It is not fatal. I use my best discernment to guide you where your highest energies are at play. Astrology and all other forms of understanding our design, are going to present you with opportunities to face some truths about yourself. We can only grow from what we know. I wish to breathe your life force, the Ka – back into your sails. Empowerment through awareness is the key.

Ka, is also my initials. I identify strongly also, with Welsh goddess Ceridwen (or Kerridwen, Cerridwen). The keeper of the cauldron of knowledge. It is time to share with the world.

The duality we experience…I nearly threw out everything, deleted all the accounts and publishing I have under other names. Then, I thought how wasteful and selfish that could be….That other, old stuff is the basis of where I am now in my fantastically fucked up and wonderful journey! I will be adding that material in the near future. Because there are two sides to every story.

I am a writer, a messenger. Words harness tremendous healing power when the intention held is pure in nature. I believe in my essence, that the “old” knowledge will be the new knowledge…After all, this IS the dawning of the Age of Aquarius….and who better to help usher that in, but an Aquarian?

I look forward to connecting to you all soon. Much Love, Stay Bright, Always,


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